Innovations in U.K. plug design
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ThinCharger (Pat. No: GB2436899)


Thincharger specifications

Thin Charger is the smallest UK USB charger in the world.

Thin Charger is small, light, thin with USB contactor equipment, a special design for international travellers.

ThinCharger shares the same patent as ThinPlug.

ThinCharger is exclusively licensed to TAA Technologies Ltd.(Hong Kong) and was launched on 13th of October 2009.

Reliable, ultrasonic welding assembly, high performance.

With short-circuit and over-voltage protection, circuit system can be recovered to normal condition when the rated Power scope is 105%~180% less than 1 minute.

Input : AC100-240V / 50-60HZ / 100mA - Output : 5.0 VDC / 1000mA

Insulation strength : 3000VAC/10mA for 1 minute.

Insulation resistance : Input to output = 50MO with 1 minute, 500VDC

Working conditions : 0°C~40°C, 5%~90%RH

Storage conditions : -20°C~85°C, 5%~90%RH

Cooling : Natural

Certification: We have got the CE and the UL is under certificating.

EMC : According to EN55022B

LED instruction : Red means charging, Green means full charger

Product size : 79.1x48x23.2 mm

Materials : PC+ABS

Product colour : Black / White

ThinPlug - ThinAdapter


ThinPlug (Pat. No: GB2436899)


Thinplug specifications

ThinPlug is UK's first truly folding plug with no folding live pins.

ThinPlug is the smallest and lightest UK plug in the World.

ThinPlug is specially designed for Class II portable electronics.

When in storage position, ThinPlug has no protruding pins that can damage your valuable equipment.

ThinPlug is tested and approved by ASTA (Intertek) and has British Standard 1363.

Working Conditions : 0°C~40°C, 5%~90%RH

Storage Conditions : -20°C~85°C, 5%~90%RH

Pin spacing : 22.23+/-0.13mm

Current Rate : 3A

RoHS / REACH conform.

Dimensions : 16mm,42mm,91mm (H,W,L)

Materials : 30% glass-reinforced PBT

Product colour : Black




Specially design by ThinPlug Ltd and will only work with ThinPlug products.

Adapter for Europe, USA and Australia with safe shutter insert.

Materials : PC+ABS

Product colour : Black / White